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How YouTube Cards Will Change The Way You Think About Video Marketing

May 4, 2015 | YouTube

YouTube has really upped its game with the introduction of their new YouTube cards. They provide greater in-video interaction and are perfectly suited for businesses who use video marketing as part of their overall online strategy.

What are YouTube cards?

Quite simply, a YouTube card is a side bar option shown on your YouTube videos. They allow you to place various call-to-actions, external URL links, other YouTube related videos and much more. They offer more options and flexibility than regular speech boxes that looked rather tacky.

You can create six different YouTube Cards, they are:

Associated website – Lets you link back to your website, landing page or blog.

Fundraising – To provide viewers with the chance to support your projects. To be able to use a fundraising card, your business must have a project listed on either Kickstarter, Subbale, Patreon or Indiegogo.

Merchandise – To link back to any of your business merchandise. Once again you will need to link back to certain shops such as Google Play, iTunes, Cafepress, Shopify, Jinx, Songkick and Topsin.

Video – Showcase your other YouTube videos.

Playlist– Promote various playlists on YouTube.

Fan funding – Lets viewers donate money to your channel.

How do they work?

I could explain to you in words, but why bother when there’s this awesome video:

Now you know what they do and how they work, here’s 5 ways your business can make use of YouTube cards to further improve their YouTube marketing campaign.

1. Driving traffic

Driving website traffic from YouTube used to be pretty difficult, the popup URLs never converted so well and very few people would read the video description and click-through your URLs (well I never did). YouTube cards aims to change all that.

Each video you create should have a clear goal and focus. For example, if your video is aimed to inform viewers then place a call-to-action to your most relevant blog post. When reviewing a product, have your CTA point towards the product page.

Here’s Chris Robley promoting tour dates for his up coming concerts in a YouTube video:

YouTube Cards

Align each video with a specific goal and add a highly detailed CTA so people know where to go. Just having a generic link back to your homepage doesn’t really direct people to do anything.

2. Build a list

Every YouTube video can have up to 5 YouTube cards. Place a URL to one of your lead magnets where users must provide their email address to receive it. Building a list is an important part of your sales funnel, now is the time to take advantage of it.

You can see in Chris Robely’s video he offers 3 free songs if you subscribe to his newsletter.

3. Promote your other videos

Video marketing is great because it’s a much more meaningful way to connect with prospects. Not every video you create will have a goal to lead prospects to your site, when that’s not the case – promote your other videos with YouTube cards to build your business as an authority.

4. Sell

Selling on YouTube just got easier.

Reviewing your products or talking about your services with a very attractive CTA card next to your video is going to drive sales through the roof. Place a link to your sales page using YouTube Cards that go directly to the sales pages or lead magnets to educate your prospects before making the sell.

Here’s AsapSCIENCE talking about the viral dress which had people debating whether it was black and blue or white and gold. Asides from informing us why we see it as two different colors, they also have a CTA to purchase their AsapSCIENCE Book:


5. Inform and educate

A great use of video marketing for many is to inform and aware prospects to brand yourself an authority. When discussing a particular topic, product or answering a common question, if your website has a blog article or further information for your audience to read, utilize YouTube cards for that.

Here’s Android Authority giving fans a quick snapshot of the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Along with their 8 minute video they have placed a YouTube card which links back to their full blog post.


From the URL can join their list, follow them on other social media channels or make a purchase.


YouTube is the second largest social media site in the world, if your business didn’t have a reason to use it before – you do now. YouTube cards have been developed to function flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices. While a relatively new feature we know this will be a game changer for how businesses use YouTube.
If you regular use YouTube as part of your online marketing campaign, how will you be making use of YouTube cards in the future?

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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