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The Perfect Welcome Email – Are You Missing Out On Sales?

April 6, 2015 | Email Marketing

When people subscribe to your mailing list, have you crafted an epic welcome email or are you the “Hey, thanks for signing up to my list” kind of business?
There’s a good chance you’re in the latter category.

In this article you will find out why the welcome email is crucially important for the future of your list and how it can dramatically increase sales and minimize unsubscribes.

Why even bother with a welcome email?

That’s a good question. Who actually reads the welcome email anyway?

Well according to MarketingSherpa, welcome emails have the highest open rates of types of emails. It’s believed that around 75% of all businesses are failing to take advantage of this statistic.

Welcome email stats
Source: MarketingSherpa

Welcome emails generate 5 times as many clicks than typical promotional emails and if your business isn’t taking advantage of this – they are losing out…big!

How to construct your welcome email

We know that welcome emails get more opens and clicks than regular emails, but how can your business take advantage of that?

Direct their next action – Let’s say your website allows users to signup online and browse to buy products or use your services. Your welcome email could direct subscribers to do exactly that, to signup and fill in all their profile data.

Cross-promote – If you read our blog regularly you should by now have an awesome online presence. List all your other online channels in your welcome email to help increase brand awareness and build a larger online presence.

Provide information/value – If the subscriber is not highly targeted they may not fully understand what your business has to offer them. Use the welcome email as a platform to inform them of your website, what features it has and ways you can better help their needs.

Sell – Who says a welcome email can only be used to say as an introduction? You can sell to them as well. For example, businesses who run a eCommerce store can provide all new subscribers with a discount voucher or free shipping on their first order.

Or you could mail them your latest online offers enticing them to buy.

Pro-tip: We love to offer time-based deals for all new signups urging them to take advantage of the unique offer in front of them. A coupon code that gives 20% off for the next 48 hours only gives prospects a sense of urgency to take action now.

Set the foundations – If you feel the methods above are not appropriate for your welcome email, then simply set the foundations for your relationship. Tell them what they should expect in the future, how you can help them and that they are always more than welcome to ask you any questions.

A welcome email that truly crushes can increase your subscriber retention as email fatigue takes longer to set in than usual.

Consider a welcome email series

A welcome email doesn’t just have to be one single email – it can be as many as you want. This method works really well for prospects who are not ready to buy… just yet.

The concept works quite similar to a regular email drip except it has better results and you can only use it on them once.

Since 50% of people open welcome emails you should be leveraging that to the nth degree. For example, in the welcome email state that they will be receiving something awesome (for free) in their next email as a way to welcome them.

This will delight the subscriber and encourage them to open your next email to receive the free gift, voucher or digital product. At this point they are totally engaged with all your emails and will be more likely to open all future emails.

You have positioned your brand in a more favorable light, built trust and trained them to open your emails when they appear in their inbox.


Welcome emails are the email marketing backdoor that even the biggest businesses in the world fail to utilize. With 1 in 2 people opening every welcome email, is your welcome email up to scratch?

Welcome emails will ensure your subscribers stay connected with your business via emails, ensuring higher open rates which in turn will lead into greater profits.

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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