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Twitter Remarketing Using Tailored Audiences

March 30, 2015 | Remarketing, Twitter Marketing

A few weeks ago I showed some super useful Facebook remarketing tips than could help you attract lost leads. This week I will be giving you an in-depth guide on how you can do the same on Twitter.

While many businesses are using Google and Facebook to remarket to leads, not enough are utilizing Twitter, which is just insane once you find out how useful the tailored audience search really is.

What is Twitter’s tailored audiences?

Twitter tailored audiences allow you to target prospects by their email address, Twitter user IDs, handles, mobile apps and even phone numbers. These features are fairly recent for Twitter, before this you could only target groups based around keywords or interests, which in my opinion wasn’t so effective.

Twitter tailored audiences are awesome to market to people who already know you, but for today’s hack I am going to show how you can collect data are highly targeted prospects using external tools.

Let me put it another way: I will show you how to accurately find your ideal target market and place ads in front of them.

Today’s fake business example

Let’s say I manage a Twitter account for a clothing brand that sells shoes. They have released their newest style and want to raise interest by targeting the bigger players in the retail industry who work for larger department stores or have influence.

Before Twitter’s tailored audiences only offered you to find these prospects using keywords and interests, but with targeted audiences you can now show your Twitter campaign to specific people.

How to find these specific people? Keep on reading.

Step 1 – Finding the right people

Followerwonk is a great external tool to find the right people. The tool can search Twitter user bios and profiles against your selected keywords to find the right people.

I entered the term “fashion retailer” and it has returned me with 7,221 results of users who have the words ‘fashion retailer’ in their Twitter bio.

Twitter remarketing

Not all of the results will be people of interest but they are sorted by relevance. This allows me to sort through the list much quicker, I can already see from the first few accounts that they have found the exact people I want to get my ads in front of.

To get the best results you need to search using various keywords (fashion retailer, shoe retailer, etc.,) this may be a time-heavy process but the time and effort you put in now will determine the success.

You can further target people based on their location, name, the amount of people they follow or are followed by.


Once your search is complete, Followewonk will let you to export your select targets onto a CSV file which you feed into Twitter. Keep in mind that Follwerrank is not a free marketing tool but does offer a 30-day free trial.

Step 2 – Segment your list

Now you have your specific list of people you can go ahead and market to them straight away…but I don’t recommended that just yet.

To carry on with our clothing brand example, let’s assume I want to target specific people in the following states: New York, California and Chicago. By going through the Followerwonk spreadsheet I want to breakdown the list into three different groups by location.

This can help dramatically increases conversions as my paid ads will be much more relevant to each specific location. A copy that reads “Chicago retailer buyers” is going to have a much stronger impact than “retail buyers”.

By creating three highly persuasive ad copies using relevant images, for each group I can really squeeze every dollar to gain the best ROI.

Step 3 – Blast off

Now that I have found the specific people to target, created 3 highly compelling adverts, all that’s left is to launch this baby into action.

Don’t be surprised if you see different results for each ad, whether you segment by location, age or gender. The lifestyle and culture in New York is completely different from California so the same copies may not work for each demographic. We have already proved that men react to marketing content much differently than women too.

You will need to keep an eye on your metrics to constantly be tweeting tweaking your copies.

From my years’ of experience I found that advertising is 80% experience and 20% testing to get the best possible ROI.


Twitter’s tailored audience features has really propelled Twitter into what was already an amazing social platform into an indispensable tool for every SME and large organization.

It may not be as straightforward as Facebook remarketing and takes a little more time to configure and adjust, but with hard work comes fruitful rewards.

Have you used Twitter’s tailored audiences lately, if so what were your results?

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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