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How to Use Twitter’s Lead Generation Card Like a Pro

February 19, 2015 | Twitter Marketing

After the recent Facebook Changes Twitter has suddenly become a lot more appealing. Twitter’s Lead Generation card is a must have tool in any successful marketer’s arsenal of weapons.

The biggest benefit of the card is to obtain a lead’s email address within a single tweet. There is no need to redirect (although you can) users to your website or a specific landing page, the card itself is the landing page.

Twitter’s Lead Generation card has many benefits , it can:

1. Generate qualified leads

2. Optimize your promotions, discounts and competitions conversions

3. Streamline your sales funnel

4. Provide a reasonable cost-per-acquisition

If your business is looking to find qualified leads at a cheap price, then keep on reading to find out how use Twitter’s Lead Generation card to grab your business the juiciest leads in the industry.

Step 1 – Figure out where you will send leads

Twitter’s Lead Generation card lets you to send leads to several endpoints.

You can send them to a squeeze page, allow them to enter their information within the card or use an automation tool such as DriftRock. If you select the card itself, Twitter will collect your leads in a CSV file which you can export later to your own email list.

If you want to get create the best ads and monitor your results, using DriftRock’s Lead Response tool is a pretty solid option. Lead Response lets you run multiple campaigns, create bespoke cards, will store your leads and even has several e-mail and card templates on hand to help you achieve your goal.

Once you decide on where you will be sending your prospects – you can advance to the next step.

Pro-tip: Twitter offers a one-click system that grabs a prospect’s details without them having to type anything in. Their details are already pre-populated and they are only required to click the relevant call-to-action to opt-in.

Before you decide to send leads to your own landing page, test the results within the card as they will usually provide a higher opt-in rate.

Step 2 – Creating your card

Before you can create a Lead Generation card you need to setup an advertiser account on Twitter. This can be done by signing up here.

After signing up you will be asked to select an objective. Select Leads on Twitter.

Twitter Lead Generation Card
You will now need to fill in the following parameters:

Campaign name – The name can be anything relevant to what you wish to achieve. This is for internal use only and won’t be seen by anyone else.

When do you want to run this campaign – You can run the advert immediately or if you’re running a competition or promotion you can select a start and end date.

Pro-tip : Reports show that 92% of retweets happen within the first hour of the tweet going live. The busiest time of the day in the US for sending out tweets is between 11am – 3pm EST, with Tuesday and Wednesday being regarded as the best days to tweet.

Tweet – You are given a 140 characters to create a compelling copy to get leads to hand over their information.

Image – Gives you the option to add an image (recommended highly). Images will almost certainly improve your conversions.

Call-to-action – Is broken into two parts. The first is short description (50 characters) allowing you to tell the prospect why they should share their details. The second is the wording on the call-to-action button (20 characters) such as “Read More”.

Link to privacy policy – When obtaining leads from Twitter, all businesses must provide a link to their privacy policy explaining to users what you will do with their data.

Fallback webpage – Is used to redirect users who are using unsupported devices.

To write the perfect copy, check out our amazing series on creating a successful Facebook Ad. We focus on copy, image and color. These tips will help you create a kick-ass card.

Step 3 – Targeting

After creating a copy you will need decide who sees your ads. Twitter allows you to segment by country, city and even zip code. Lead Generation cards can target gender, language, devices, platforms, mobile carriers, keywords, followers, interests and even TV targeting.


twitter lead card example

If you’re running multiple discounts that can be used for a range of products, rather than grouping everything within one Twitter Ad, create as many as you need to target each group and with unique copies around each card to get the highest conversions.

For example, if you’re running a special on all your clothing line, create a card targeting men and women. You can further segment this into age-groups. Don’t be lazy and create a generic card that fits all your market together as the results will be less than desirable.

Step 4 – Optimize

After a few hours you will start to notice which tweets are performing well and which are sinking faster than the Titanic. Look back every few hours to see how they are all doing and remove the ones that fail to gain user engagement.

Common problems you may face are:

Low opt-ins – Consider changing the aspect of your copy if your card is failing to inspire. If you feel your ad copy is killer then check to see if you’re in fact marketing to the right people. Be a bit more specific in your targeting.

Low views – If your Lead Generation card is not getting a lot of impressions that is usually because your budget is set too low and cannot compete with other ads that are priced more competitively. Adjust your pricing slightly and keep an eye on results.

Cost per-lead too high – If your acquisition per-lead is above what you can budget for, target to a wider market. The more specific your search is the higher the cost.


Now you’re ready to create a Twitter Lead Generation card like a pro. Start off with a small budget and play around with the options so you can understand how it works.

Twitter is an underutilized platform for obtaining high-quality targeted leads at great prices. They have made it so easy that leads aren’t even required to enter in their details, they simply click one button!

Good luck with your next Lead Generation campaign on Twitter, if you have any further questions or queries leave a comment below.

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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