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The 3 Biggest Facebook Changes Affecting E-Commerce Businesses This Year

September 28, 2015 | ECommerce, Facebook Marketing

Facebook usually releases multiple sets of updates and changes to the platform throughout the year, affecting both users and marketers alike. Some changes affect users more directly (such as the new dislike button), and some primarily affect marketers (such as the new Power Editor interface), but many influence both.

Staying up to date on the big changes will keep you and your business ahead of the curve, taking advantage of all the new features that are being offered. A lot of the new recent changes have been seen to lead to increased conversion rates, such as their CTA buttons and multi-product image ads.

This year has seen some big changes happening on Facebook, and there are three in particular that are directly impacting e-commerce businesses the most: dynamic product ads, multi-product image ads, and the brand-new shop and services sections coming to Pages soon.

1. Multi-product Image Ads

Also called image carousel ads, multi-product image ads don’t require you to just choose one picture or product to showcase in your ad—you can show as few as three and up to five. These ads are often perform well, being “interactive” (people can scroll through to see the pictures) and automatically standing out against the rest of the content on Facebook Ads. Even better, since you can feature multiple products within one ad, you’re upping the chances your viewers will see something like they and convert.

biggest Facebook changes affecting ecommerce businesses

This multi-product image ad advertising tourism in New Zealand appeals to multiple different types of users– all in one ad.

Different images can all take users to the same landing page, or, as it’s often best used, can take users to the exact product page—each image will have its own specific link advertisers can customize.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.47.21 PM

Facebook suggests different ways you can take advantage of multi-product ads.

Multi-product image ads have been shown to frequently increase conversions, as well as decreasing cost per conversions and cost per click.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 2.48.00 PM

Here’s perhaps the best news yet: Facebook has recently updated multi-product image ads so that they can now appear on mobile devices, where before they were limited to just ads appearing on desktops. Now, carousel ads can increase click through rates and lower the cost per conversion on mobile devices, too, increasing the overall effectiveness as more and more users go mobile.

 2. Dynamic Product Ads

Another type of ad that has made a big impact on ecommerce businesses, dynamic product ads can be synced up to your product catalogues, allowing businesses to more accurately target relevant users with products they may be interested in while on your website or mobile app.

dynamic product ads

The goal of dynamic product ads is to connect each shopper with relevant products chosen specifically for them with a well-timed product ad. You’re able to reach users no matter what touchpoint they interacted with your business at, and on any device that they use.

With dynamic product ads, you upload your product catalogue (sometimes called a product feed) onto your Facebook’s business manager account. The tracking pixel (which must be installed on your site) will then be able to track which items are interacted with by specific users, including whether the item was viewed, added to a cart, or purchased. A template that you create will automatically be filled in by select products, chosen by Facebook’s information.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.05.40 PM

An example of a template you could create for dynamic product ads.

Instead of individually creating unique ads and campaigns for remarketing purposes, dynamic product ads does all the work for once after you set them up—you don’t have to create specific campaigns for each item, you just create one template for all of your products.

Dynamic products ads synced with product catalogues have been a massive update to Facebook for ecommerce businesses, increasing the effectiveness of remarketing while drastically decreasing the amount of time we spend creating campaigns to do so.

3. Shop Now Section Being Added to Pages

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.05.11 PM

This one hasn’t even officially made it to Pages yet, but it will soon—last week, Facebook announced that two new sections will become available for businesses to add to their Pages if they choose—a Shop section, and a Services section. Whether you’re selling products or goods as an ecommerce business, you’ve got an option that works for you.

These sections will have their own tabs users can click to, and can see a list of the products or services you want to feature.

With more and more users continuing to use Facebook to look up business instead of conventional search engines like Google, users are relying on Facebook to get as much information about a business as possible. Now they’ll be able to see a full (or featured) list of products and services a business offers, potentially increasing sales.

These sections will allow businesses to promote their products, but in a way that isn’t intrusive—users have access to the information, but they have to click on it to see it, so it’s not turning Facebook into a sales page. It’s an advancement for both users and businesses, with big potential to increase sales and conversions.

Final Thoughts

While plenty of users groan as Facebook continually makes changes to their platform, marketers and businesses should be excited about the near-constant changes and updates; in the last four months alone, we’ve gotten these changes as well as lead gen ads, big updates to the mobile interface, and a revamped Power Editor, among plenty of other great ones. All of these changes demonstrate that Facebook is working hard to keep both users and businesses happy and excited about how the platform works, meaning we’ll keep seeing big, exciting changes and new ways to integrate our businesses on Facebook.

Which change are you most excited about? Have you already taken advantage of any of these changes? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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