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How This Very Simple Twitter Strategy can Boost your Exposure on Twitter

January 11, 2015 | Twitter Marketing

In 2014, Twitter was ranked as the 9th most visited website in the world and the 2nd most popular social media site. Many smaller businesses tend to use to either Facebook or Twitter as they don’t see the need for both, or have the resources or time to manage multiple social media accounts. If we have just described your business, stop whatever you’re doing, buckle in tight and read the rest of this article! Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a goldmine for businesses to generate leads, develop a brand and expose themselves to the world.

Don’t believe us? Then check out this article which details how brands as gigantic as Adidas, were said to be moving away from TV ads and focusing more on social media. Believe us now? We thought so.

By following our very simple Twitter strategy, you can boost the exposure of your business to levels you never thought possible.

Brand your business with Twitter

Just like we mentioned in our 6 Essential Steps To Generate Quality Leads Using Facebook, all social media sites should be kitted out correctly. Ensure you’re using the same image, name, business philosophy and contact information throughout all your social media accounts. Keep everything consistent to really send your brand message home.
Follow people within your industry

Following anyone who follows your business is not a good idea, as soon you will be following thousands of people and your Twitter feed becomes swamped with irrelevant content. Instead, follow people within your industry such as suppliers, clients and other businesses who may not be in direct competition with you. This will not only make it easier to participate in chat discussions, but you will get a greater understanding of what others in your industry are tweeting about so you can get involved.

To paint a picture, let’s say for argument sake you run a golf store, following brands such as Nike, Ping, famous golfers and various golf clubs around the world is a good mix of accounts to start following.

Get your staff involved

Start from the inside and work out. Ask employees who use Twitter to add you on their Twitter account and encourage them to retweet and engage with your profile to gain traction on your new account. Starting is the hardest part of managing any social media account, having several or even hundreds of employees help you build momentum can quickly exposure your Twitter account to the world.

Tip: Consider running in-house prizes for the most thoughtful tweets or whoever interacts the most with the company Twitter account.

List your followers

Most Twitter users are totally unaware of the list feature. Creating lists allow you to categorise your followers into different groups and later send targeted tweets to a single list. For example, if you manage an online clothing store and have a special offer on women’s t-shirts, blasting all your Twitter followers is not going to be so effective. You may even lose male followers as they don’t deem these tweets as relevant to their needs. Segmenting your followers into separate groups allows you to tweet relevant content to followers, and avoid spamming others.

Keep tweets short and sweet

Unlike Facebook, Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters only. This doesn’t give you space to waffle or write long winded essays, rather your tweets must be short and snappy. The saying a picture is worth a thousands words has never been truer on Twitter. Tweets that contain images are 94% more likely to be shared leading to greater exposure for your business or brand.

Tip: Tweeting pictures of new products is a great way to create buzz and interest. Better yet, run a competition and encourage users to retweet for a chance to win a prize.

Understand the #

Twitter uses the hashtag to allow users to search for tweets relating to their needs. Knowing the correct hashtags to use for your business can increase exposure and gain more followers. To throw out another example (yes we love examples), if your business is in the restaurant industry, popular hashtags such as #food or #foodporn will increase engagement, while using #fashion or #style is better suited for clothing shops or salons.

Tip: If your business is location specific, adding a hashtag before the name of the town or city can be very beneficial.

Optimize your tweets

Optimizing the time and day you post your tweets can really maximum your exposure. Just like we mentioned in our 6 Easy Ways to Skyrocket Email Open Rates by 400% or More article, knowing the right time and days to tweet can get more eyes on your profile resulting in greater exposure. Now, some of you may have a worldwide client base and it’s impossible to spend several hours a day on Twitter reaching everyone, so what do you do? Simple, use a third party client such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your tweets for a single day, week or even month.

The fundamental rule when running a successful Twitter account is to focus on quality and not quantity. Adding a bunch of people hoping they add you back or tweeting about irrelevant stuff that’s not related to your business may get you a lot of followers, but there’s not much you can do with them. Building any sort of social media following takes time and don’t expect to see results overnight. However, once you follow our simple tips and get set on the right path, Twitter can become one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your business, and best of all it’s free!

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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