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These Compelling Mobile Marketing Statistics Will Make You Shiver!

April 23, 2015 | Mobile Apps

I was thinking about starting this article off mentioning how important mobile marketing is and why your business needs to get ready, but that would be idiotic for two reasons:

  1. You’re not stupid
  2. The mobile revolution is already here

In 2014, ComScore concluded that there are now more people accessing the Internet on their mobile devices than desktops.

MM1Is that really a surprise? Almost every new mobile device has Internet capabilities, free Wi-Fi is everywhere and the newest mobile devices can do just as much as a desktop.

While Facebook marketing and paid search methods provide great results, asides from creating responsive websites many businesses are not tapping into the goldmine of mobile marketing.

How does mobile marketing work?

Mobile marketing works just like regular ole online marketing except the medium of delivery has changed to mobile devices. Marketing on mobiles is generally done through a number of applications, these apps help gather consumer data as well as send offers straight to consumers’ mobiles.

5 Compelling statistics to you should start implementing a mobile marketing strategy today

Unless you plan on dissolving your business in the next decade or so, you need to start integrating mobile marketing into your marketing strategy. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s 5 crazy mobile marketing statistics:

1. 4 out of every 5 consumers use their mobile device to shop. marketing stats

Source: iAcquire

3. Forecasts suggest that ¾ of all ad spending in 2019 will be used on mobiles.

4. Over 50% of eCommerce traffic is now a direct result of mobile devices.

5. Over half of consumer media time is spent on mobile devices:

mobile marketing

Source: AdKnowledge

Convinced now?

How to use mobile marketing in your overall strategy?

Mobile marketing is very advanced and has become super flexible offering businesses a plethora of ways to advertise, these include:

Mobile apps – Perhaps the most obvious form of mobile marketing for your business is to create their own mobile app. This usually ends up costing several thousands dollars but if there’s a demand the ROI can be insane.

Starbucks created their mobile app in 2009 and have never looked back Today, 11% of sales volume comes from their small yet extremely useful app.

App-based marketing – Have you ever played a game on your phone or used an application and saw ads popping up? Well that’s app-based marketing. You can use popular networks like Google Admob who will take care of everything on your behalf, you simply create your ad and they will do the rest.

SMS – May seem like a thing of the past with apps like WhatsApp, but they are still a valuable component of mobile marketing.

Mobile search ads – In last week’s article I discussed paid search marketing, you can set your paid ads to be shown on mobile devices too.

Geographical marketing – Works by showing relevant ads to people in specific locations. For example, everyone within a 2km radius of your store will see your ads on various mobile ad mediums.

QR Codes – Are a virtual bar code that mobiles can scan which leads them to a webpage. You can create your very own QR Code here.

Social media – Both Facebook and Twitter have options to promote mobile only posts including app installs. You segment your ads to be shown only to people using user-friendly devices to download your app or view your ad.

To focus more on mobile or desktop advertising?

Sadly that’s not a black and white answer. While most of the statistics point towards a mobile future, each business has their own ecosystem and only by testing will you know what’s best.

Yes, more people are using mobiles to connect online but a Smart Insights study showed that desktop sales are still ahead of all other devices (except for Kindle)…for now at least:


A balanced approach is to anything is best, as we all know the downsides to putting all your eggs in one basket.


Have you created any kind of mobile marketing strategy for your business? Would a mobile app drive sales or better serve your customers? With smart devices becoming cheaper by the day, isn’t it time your business started to take their piece of the mobile pie?

James Dickerson

Founder of CrushCampaigns

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