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3 Ways To Generate (And Close) Leads With Facebook Ads

February 10, 2015 | Facebook Marketing

It’s no secret that Facebook ads can be an extremely effective way to generate new leads (and nurture existing ones) if you are targeting the right audience, with the right message. Some of Facebook’s most recent developments to their advertising platform have unlocked new opportunities to do just that.

It’s important to start by remembering how a person uses Facebook – they’re casually browsing their feed, looking at photos of friends & family, and clicking on Buzzfeed articles. They aren’t heading over to Facebook to search for solutions about out how to grow their business or improve their website. That’s why Facebook ads have relied mainly on interest based or psychographic targeting. Facebook knows which pages you like, what you’re posting about, what types of friends you have, what movies you love, or what books you’ve read. Now, that is beginning to change a bit, but we’ll get to that a little later.

It’s because of this Facebook user behavior that it’s better to use a “soft-sell” approach when targeting potential customers with ads. What’s a “soft-sell” approach?

It’s not driving someone from Facebook directly to your sales page and asking them to buy now (while it can be done, it’s tough to do at a positive ROI especially if you’re not in the health, wealth, or relationship markets).

It is promoting strategic content pieces to the right audience (we know Facebook users LOVE to discover content through the platform, as it drives 25% of all social referral traffic online), it is having the right calls to action on your content pieces, and it is funneling the right users into your sales funnel at the right time.

Here are 3 ways that you can fix your Facebook lead generation efforts today

1) Target the right audience

Now that you understand Facebook user behavior and how it fits into Facebook advertising, you should think about the audience that you want to target. Let’s imagine the various audiences that you can target as potential customers at different stages in a simple sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Stage 1 – Website visitors

This is when you are marketing to Facebook users who have no idea who you are, cold traffic. Using Facebook’s interest targeting or behavior targeting will help you reach relevant users and drive them to your content piece or landing page. The best option to start is targeting Lookalike audiences.

Pull a list from your database of your best customers and create a Custom Audience in Facebook’s Audience Manager. From there, create a Lookalike audience, which is a group of people who will share the characteristics of your best customers. This is your new base audience. From there, think about adding interest and behavior based targeting on top of the Lookalike audience.

Make sure that the page you are driving cold visitors to is optimized to capture leads. The page can be an optin style landing page, or an incredibly valuable blog post. If it’s a blog style post, use SumoMe forms, Leadlinks, and HelloBar to promote short cheatsheets, guides, or low barrier to entry lead magnets.

2) Build new audiences based on website traffic and your database

The next step is essential to success, and that’s making sure you are creating Website Custom Audiences of the various segments of your visitors by placing Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences pixel on your site. This tool is a remarketing pixel that will allow you to reach visitors of certain pages with Facebook ads.

Here’s why you’re doing this – once you drive targeted traffic to an incredibly valuable content piece, your audience will remember who you are. Drive the same traffic to a few different value packed content pieces relevant to your market and they’ll never forget you. Now, once you’ve warmed up the visitors a bit, it’s time to begin making some strategic offers to move them into your funnel.

Sales Funnel Stage 2 – Top of the funnel

Hopefully you’ve already generated a nice amount of leads or optins from promoting your strategic content pieces. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. It’s time to promote an offer to visitors of the blog posts that you promoted. A cheat sheet, white paper, short ebook, or video presentation will do the trick. Make it a juicy offer that’s a relatively low barrier to entry in terms of the time it takes to consume the content. You’re going to create a landing page using Unbounce or Leadpages to giveaway this high value content piece in exchange for an email address of your targeted blog visitors.

3) Use Facebook ads to move prospects through your funnel

Now you have a list building machine. But, did you know you can use Facebook ads to continue to move prospects further down your funnel?

Here’s an idea: use Facebook ads for a high touch video driven sales approach.

Let’s say there’s a segment of your database that has downloaded your initial content piece and attended a webinar, and now your goal is to get them to book a one on one demo with you. To amplify your other efforts, create a short video that is 1-2 minutes long along the lines of…

By now you’ve downloaded our guide to increasing the effectiveness of your sales team, you’ve implemented the 5 key strategies to closing more deals, and hopefully you’ve seen the impact that our approach can have. Next, we held a great webinar where we talked about our game-changing software that can take your team’s follow up to a whole new level. I’d love to personally show you a demo and walk through how our customers are generating a huge ROI. Just click here and book your one on one demo on the next page.

You’ll promote this video to the database segment who downloaded the content piece and attended the webinar…it’s a way to supercharge your existing efforts and it can be executed for many different use cases (abandoned carts, special promotions).

Start experimenting with these 3 strategies and let me know in the comments if it turns around your lead generation efforts on Facebook. And if you want to walk through how these techniques can be used for your business, book a complimentary strategy session here:

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James Dickerson

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