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6 Email Marketing Trends You Must Follow in 2015

February 16, 2015 | Email Marketing

You will have hopefully read our article on How To Skyrocket Email Opens by 250% or More – with so many people now reading your emails you will need a rock-solid strategy for 2015 to boot.

While Facebook and Twitter both carry on gaining momentum as a way to connect with customers, email marketing is still very much alive and kicking

Here is what the best marketers will be focusing on in 2015 with their email marketing strategies.

1. Creating a plan with meaningful goals

The biggest problem businesses have with email marketing campaigns is their lack of planning. Planning isn’t what you did last year or brainstorming a list of generic email topics and sending them to your list. Nor is it to set broad goals such as increase open rates by 20%.

Instead, ask yourself what would make your CEO jump for joy at the end of the year when you showed him or her your results?

Figure that out and plan a strategy based around it. Most CEOs will want to increase their customer base and revenue, and care very little if 5% of people opens more emails in 2015.

2. Email automation and segmentation

Automation is the future of email marketing.

The key to getting email automation right is devising the right campaigns to fit your audiences’ needs. First read our other articles that show you how to generate leads using Facebook and tips on creating a successful sales funnel to capture and segment your leads.

Your clients, customers and prospects don’t want you to talk to them as a stranger in the night, they want personalized engagement. You will need to segment your audience into different mailing lists and create unique campaigns for each one with a specific goal in mind.

For example, send your prospects content that convinces them your product is right for them. Keep clients up-to-date with where your business is going and any new services you’re offering, meanwhile send engaging material and special offers to your customers.

A study undertaken by Experian Market Services’, proved that personalized emails increase transaction rates 6 times as much than generic emails. I’m sure that will make your CEO fall of the table!

Nobody in 2015 will be sending newsletters to their whole list without segmenting – well not anyone who wants to get somewhere.

3. Bullet-proof lead-generation tactics

As a prospect’s inbox becomes a more competitive place, the amount of unsubscribes businesses will face will go through the roof. Consumers are receiving hundreds of emails a week and a lot of mailing lists are going to get thin, real thin.

To replace the unsubscribes your business needs to replenish its mailing list with fresh targeted leads. Start the process today by creating various funnels for each set of customer you market to.

The next step is to create engaging content (eBooks, consultations, blogs, etc)  that can be used to obtain new leads and place them through your sales funnel.

4. Measuring, analyzing and adjusting

If you’re not monitoring your email marketing results how do you know what works and what doesn’t? Asides from the typical email open-rate metrics, most email automation platforms offer tons of useful statistics right under your nose.

Maybe there is a huge leak in one of your drip campaigns – analyzing your results will tell you if there is and you can quickly plug it. You need scratch more than just the surface when looking at your email metrics in 2015.

Monitor your bounce rate too as these subscribers will be skewering your metrics and not painting a true picture of your results.

Gmail is currently the head honcho when it comes to email platforms and in March last year they released Grid View. Grid View allows users to turn all their promotional emails into a highly decorative Pinterest style page. Users are presented with small cards mentioning the special promotion along with a picture and short description.

gmail grid view

If you’re planning on promoting in 2015, you better start using quality pictures and email automation software such as Mailchimp who will make this very easy for you.

6. Send the right content  

You may think we are beating a dead horse but sending quality content will remain in every email marketing trend for as long as email marketing exists. How many times have you instantly unsubscribed from a newsletter because it failed to bring any value? Too many times to remember I suspect.

Understanding your prospects will not only help you gain targeted leads, send better personalized emails and segment your list, but will keep your list healthy and responsive. You can’t send the right content if you don’t understand your prospect.

Fighting for space in consumers’ inboxes is a total battlefield. Having an interesting subject header and a cute call-to-action is not going to cut it in 2015. Aim to personalize, segment and send consumers targeted emails that they want.

Which of our trends do you like the most and will implement this year in your email marketing efforts? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

James Dickerson

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