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The 50 Most Influential Marketing Articles Discussing Facebook and Twitter Advertising

January 4, 2015 | Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing

We have searched every virtual corner of the Internet to bring you the best 50 marketing articles for advertising on Facebook and Twitter. You may want to brew yourself a very strong cup of coffee before you sit down and read them all!

Top 25 marketing articles related to Facebook advertising

1 – Beginner’s Guide: How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook

2 – 45 Fabulous Facebook Advertising Tips & Magic Marketing Tricks

3 – 10 Rules for Advertising on Facebook

4 – Are Paid Facebook Ads Worth the Bucks?

5- What I Learned Spending $2 Million on Facebook Ads

6 – How to Effectively Advertise on Facebook

7 – How to Advertise to your Website Visitors on Facebook

8 – How to Advertise Your Products on Facebook

9 – How to Advertise on Facebook in 10 Minutes or Less

10 – 6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Results

11 – Boost Posts or Promoted Posts on Facebook: Which is Better?

12 – Why Every Business Should Spend at Least $1 per Day on Facebook Ads

13 – How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Audience

14 – 5 Facebook Ad Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Campaigns

15- 4 Unique Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business

16 – The Facebook Marketing Bible: 24 Ways to Market Your Brand, Company, Product, or Service Inside Facebook

17 – 15 Tips for Better Facebook Marketing

18 – 8 Ways to Get Your Posts Seen More on Facebook

19 – The Ultimate Guide on Facebook Paid Advertising 2014 Edition

20 – Is Paying for Likes on Facebook Worth it? [RESEARCH]

21 – Building Your Facebook Page’s Audience Using Paid Advertising

22 – Developing a Pay-to-Play Strategy: How to Create a Balanced Facebook Publishing Schedule with Organic and Paid Content

23 – 5 Tips to Make Facebook Marketing Mobile-Friendly

24 – The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Mobile App Ads

25 – A Guide to Facebook App Install Ads

Wow, that was an epic list! Now quickly go and refill your coffee to get ready for the best 25 Twitter advertising articles on the Internet!

Top 25 marketing articles related to Twitter advertising

1 – The 9 Twitter Advertising Tips N’ Tricks You Must Know

2 – 5 Tips for Maximizing Returns from Twitter Advertising

3 – Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques That Will Help Your Twitter Account Take Off

4 – 35 Ideas to Create Successful Twitter Ad Campaigns

5 – Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Twitter Advertising Campaigns

6 – 5 Tips for Planning Twitter Ads From Top Brand Marketers

7 – How to Use Twitter Ads for More Exposure, Leads and Sales

8 – 5 Tips for Thriving Twitter Ads

9 – 7 Tips to Promote Your Business by Promoted Tweets

10 – 6 Ways To Make Promoted Tweets Pay Off

11 – 6 Start-Up Tips for Using Twitter’s Promoted Tweet Advertising Campaigns

12 – How to Set Up Twitter Advertising to Build Awareness for Your Business

13 – Creating a Promoted Account Campaign on Twitter

14 – 41 Ways to Promote your Twitter Account

15- The DIY Guide to Twitter Ads for Small Business

16 – The Most Comprehensive Guide to Twitter Advertising

17 – Step-by-Step Guide for Twitter Ads to Promote Your Business

18 – The Pro Marketer’s Step By Step Guide to Using Twitter Lead Cards for Lead Generation

19 – Twitter Paid Advertising for Small Businesses: How to Get the Most Out of the Promoted Tweets Platform

20 – How to Get The Most Out of Paid Twitter Ads

21 – 5 Tips For Becoming A Twitter Advertising Whiz

22 – 5 Tips You Need to Know to Improve Your Twitter Strategy

23 – Best Practices: How to Use Twitter Amplify

24 – A Quick & Dirty Guide to Setting Up Twitter Ads Campaigns

25 – A Step-by-Step Guide to Twitter Ads

And there you have it folks! 50 amazing articles offering all sorts of tips, tricks and expert advice on how to make the most out of your Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns. Leave a comment below and let us know which one you enjoyed the most, or if we missed any out that you think deserve to be on the list. Happy advertising!

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